BBC Life – watch it Sunday.

Remember three years ago when I told you to watch Planet Earth?  The next series from the BBC Natural History Unit, called Life, is coming to US television on Sunday night, March 21st, 8pm, on all 7 Discovery network channels, and their HD channels as well, so watch those versions if you can.  Unfortunately, it will be narrated by Oprah Winfrey.  I’m sure she’ll do a fine job, but again, I just prefer Sir David Attenborough.  If I ever meet him, I might ask him to narrate my outgoing voice mail message.  I won’t be watching it, as the signal quality where I am would be stepped down/compressed twice before it gets to my television, then would be a standard definition picture onto an HDTV, meaning even worse visual quality.  Fortuitously, I already have the region 2 DVD and will be buying the region A Blu-Ray version upon release.

Trip update: I’m now back at work, though too busy to sort through nearly 4000 photos (it grew since last time) and catch up on what I missed while away.  At least I saved a few months of paying for the flickr pro upgrade until I really need it.  I hope to be able to get them uploaded within a month (I’ll be away from a computer for several-day-long stints) and that you come back for a look.

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