Still not ready to report

There isn’t much to say anyway, all I did was see one hockey game, USA vs Finland in the semifinals.  If I had been allowed to spend the money to buy tickets for the gold medal match before the Olympics, when no one knew who would be playing, I could have sold a $400 ticket for nearly $4000 (and I would have had 2 tickets to sell).  I would have liked to have seen more events, but not everyone was willing to spend the money for event tickets and better accommodations.  I recommend spending the extra money to stay close to the main city (even better, in the city itself).  I spent a lot to stay at a mid-range motel that was a 20-minute drive from a Skytrain station, which was a 35-minute ride to downtown Vancouver.  The money spent on the car rental would have almost covered the cost of a reputable-chain hotel in the Vancouver metro area, add a little more money, and I would have had a much nicer hotel, probably with faster internet.  The time and money wasted in transport would have been better spent hanging around with people in Robson Square.  As a result, I didn’t get to meet anyone (traveling with a partner is also a hindrance), which is a benefit of attending an Olympic Games.  Being so far from out motel, we couldn’t go back to drop off any shopping, cameras, or rain jackets.  we had to carry it around all day and leave every evening.  If we were closer, we could have played around until past midnight without having to worry about not being able to get public transport back to our car and back to the motel.

I have around 2500 photos, though many of them are bracketed shots – multiple shots of the same image, but with different settings (ISO, aperture, shutter speed), so I could probably delete 20% as duplicates.  Another 20% could be boring or uninteresting, so those could get deleted.  Of the leftover 1500 images, I might upload around 300-400 of the ones I like best, or deem worthy of sharing. I’ll keep the rest backed up, perhaps allowing those really interested to view them.  I would like to upgrade my account and upload those images before I return, as the unreliable connection could break the queue, and cause me to hunt down the ones that made it successfully, delete them, and start all over.

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One Response to Still not ready to report

  1. Razzbuffnik says:

    Even thought I bet the US v Finland game was great, I think that sometimes it’s best to see some of the strange “little” events at the Olympics.

    Back in 2000 at the Summer Olympics in Sydney, the best thing I saw was the Greco-Roman wrestling. The crowd was a wild mix of Iranians, Uzbeks, Turks, Georgians and Ukrainians. They were all yelling and cheering. The Iranian fans had big drums and chanted IRAN!, IRAN!, IRAN!

    The atmosphere was electric and it was so much more interesting than some of the much “bigger” events I watched.

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