Not enough time for a daily update

In the old travel days, I spent all day out looking around, taking pictures and what-not, then wrote one really long post after going through my photos (as many as 200 a day), uploading, and linking to the post.  That often took several hours, leaving less time to sleep.  This trip is two days old and I don’t have enough time to give you a daily post, not even short posts.  I might have enough time to make one tweet a day.  This netbook is too weak to sort through my photos and edit ones the bad ones quickly, and the internet connection is too slow (under 0.5Mb/s) to upload over a hundred photos a day that would allow me to link them here.  I’m also behind on reading the dozens of web pages that I read daily, so being busy for 10 days will put me even further behind.  I suppose I’ll just have to give up on keeping as updated as possible and just start fresh when I come back.

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One Response to Not enough time for a daily update

  1. Gwyndaf says:

    We’re watching the game, do something crazy!!!!!!!! Love the Wind.

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