The last time I was here, I started a blog

Not here, specifically, but near enough.  I started this blog to share my Seattle trip back in September 2006. I  am currently in Bellevue, on the other side of Lake Washington.  I’ll head to Vancouver in a couple of days.  Today, I walked around a mall and bought food, rather cheaply relative to what I’ve spent over most of the last year.  I was anticipating being able to spend the same amount, which meant buying twice as much, but also eating twice as much, which I don’t want to do right now.  I’ve got a decent amount of self-control, which is also evident by my no longer uploading every photo I take to Flickr. I will upgrade that back to a pro account soon.  Photos after the jump.

Brunch of a taco and burrito, consumed along the edge of Downtown Park.

Downtown Park

Fountain at the edge of Downtown Park (I ate next to this fountain).

Dinner from Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches: #9 – Italian Night Club

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