Back in it

I’ve reopened this blog after nearly a year, let’s see if people start reading again.

Less than two weeks to go for another shot at travel, this time to Canada and the Winter Olympics in Vancouver.  I have some new gadgets to play with on this trip, a Canon Rebel T1i (I prefer the European name 550D) and a GPS datalogger.  Three months after I buy my camera, the newest model, the Rebel T2i, was just announced today.  Hopefully I will be able to geotag my photos, and hopefully there will be lots of them, though I promise to only upload the better ones (I still need to renew my flickr pro account).  Here is my first successful geotagged photo, although the named location is wrong.  The location is really on the north side of the island, facing the Atlantic Ocean.  For some reason, the flickr geotag put it on the south side of the island, and called it the airport, which is actually on a different island (the one south of the location dot).

This second photo is location-named correctly, and was even taken under a roof (GPS devices often need an unobstructed view of the overhead sky for best accuracy).  However, it places the geotag in the water.  When using Pictomio to add the GPS information to the EXIF data, it shows the photos correctly in a Google Maps track, I wonder why flickr doesn’t put them in the same vicinity.

Happy Birthday Gwyn.

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