Bye for now

I’m leaving for the airport to go to Bermuda in under an hour.  I can’t predict my internet situation, so I may not be back here for a bit.  You can still email me, but I won’t be answering any phone calls or text messages, and since I’ll be starting a new job, I likely won’t be online throughout the day for IM chatting.  Later.

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One Response to Bye for now

  1. travelguy1982 says:

    Aww man! I was following ur (blog removed) site and now it seems to be gone! You should totally bring it back…it was one of the better travel blogs I’ve seen in awhile. I’m super interested in finding out about new places and I’ve been thinking of visiting Bermuda for quite sometime now, so I was hoping to get the scoop from you. I’m in the Maryland area and they’ve started doing insanely cheap flights from Baltimore to Bermuda, so it’s definitely been tempting me. From what you’ve said so far, it seems unbelievably expensive though–you gotta keep me posted as to whether it’s possible to actually have a good time there without going broke.

    Hope to see (blog removed) back soon!
    Laters 🙂

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