Almost done

It doesn’t take much time for me to pack, as I pretty much know what I need to bring.  I’m taking one large suitcase that accompanied me to Hawaii, Tahiti, and Australia, and a rolling duffel bag, since I have to bring everything or buy it there (kitchenware, bedding, towels, etc.).  I’m not a fan of the suitcase, as it is cumbersome, but it was cheap, which is why I bought it years ago.  The rolling duffel is handy, and I like soft-sided luggage.  After my first trip to Australia, my tennis duffel bag (purple Nike bag in picture) had a rip on a side seam after coming through baggage claim.  It lasted long enough for me to know that I don’t have to spend loads of money on luggage.  I take care of my stuff, and the thin tennis bag held up to years of airline baggage handler abuse.  The bathroom scale is to make sure nothing goes over 49 pounds (one pound margin for error due to differences in scale sensitivity).

I can’t even finish packing, because I am still using clothes and toiletries.  Only on the day of travel will I be done with these items and be able to complete packing.  The two large bags may be done by then, perhaps I can toss the smaller, still used stuff into my carry-on backpack.

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