Frosting Bake Shop in Mill Valley

I had driven through arboreal Mill Valley several times in October 2008 during the Mill Valley Film Festival.  I saw a small shop with vibrant, eye-catching colors, but was in town for a movie, so could not see what it was until after the film.  By that time, I discovered it was a cupcake shop, but it was closed (films ended after 11pm).  Today, I finally made it into the store.  It’s called Frosting Bake Shop (website now live), and they had a new banner to announce who/what they are, which was hard to tell at the beginning.  Hit the jump for more pictures of cupcakes, you know you want to.

A friend and I were there, and we talked to the owner, Karen, who told us that she had been there for six months, but people weren’t busting the doors down.  When she finally got the banner, more people started coming in, saying they never knew what it was.  Advertising counts.  It’s a clean, open shop, with dark wood floors and walls with dots or stripes.

She does cupcakes.  That’s it.  Gourmet-style and flavorful, upwards of around a dozen flavors at any time.  She is also introducing cake bites, which are smaller, truffle-like mini-cupcakes (our gratis coconut one was covered with a thin coating of white chocolate), so you can sample more flavors.

The front of the shop, with new banner announcing cake bites.

The cupcake counter

The cupcake lineup

The “Sultan” – a chocolate cupcake with a cheesecake top

Inside the Sultan

The coconut cake bite (sorry about lack of scale, about the diameter of a half-dollar coin)

Inside the coconut cake bite – lots of coconut “stuff” inside and outside for flavor

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1 Response to Frosting Bake Shop in Mill Valley

  1. Julie Meridian says:

    Oh, yum. I love the individual dessert jars for each cupcake!

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