Internet Time Waster #11: Predictify

Predictify is an online predicting forum/platform. People, groups, advertisers, or survey companies ask questions based on current hot news topics, from news and politics (mostly US, but also international) to sports and entertainment. It’s free, you can discuss topics with other predictors, and there are dozens of questions active at any time. You can even win real money by accurately predicting an outcome (though cash-based questions are much less common, and you have to be real close to win significant amounts). If you are the type who enjoys studying demographic statistics, this might be perfect for you.

Play Predictify here.

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2 Responses to Internet Time Waster #11: Predictify

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  2. dougist says:

    I lost a weekend to Desk Top Tower Defense and wrote about it here…

    Desktop Tower Defense

    Hope you stop by


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