Atlanta applauds

You read about the things that time did not allow during my stint in Atlanta, here is the other side.

1. Georgia Aquarium – It might be the largest aquarium in the world (though I know not on what basis), but it’s not yet the best.

2. Panama Family – I’ve been able to sustain the pattern of seeing them every 1.5 years or so (April 2004, December 2005, June 2007, September 2008). Logic dictates the next time I see them should be around February 2010 (when one of them might join me on my Winter Olympics – Canada trip).

3. Flip Video Ultra – A friend bought one at a Blockbuster at a clearance price. My research led me to discover that some locations last received them around December 2007, to sell at a clearance price over the holiday season. One of the three locations near me knew what I was talking about, the other two were clueless (sounds normal for Blockbuster employees, zing!). I tried to get a price match at a local Best Buy, but they wouldn’t do it because the clearance price was lower than what Best Buy pays for them (before selling at a markup). Normal retail is $150, the clearance price was $60, about half of the cheapest you can find online or in Costco.

We visited the nearest Blockbuster to where we were staying in Hampton, and they were sold out, but the computer inventory system reported that the Griffin location had three left. It was about 15 miles away and 30 minutes until closing. We managed to make the drive in unfamiliar surroundings and I bought the only one they had left (I wish computers wouldn’t lie). It was the white/silver unit, and while I would have preferred the orange or even rose color, I literally had no choice. I finally used the last of the gift card I received over 2 years ago and paid the rest. It was the first time I had ever given Blockbuster my money. The gift card had 14 cents left on it, which means I calculated rentals and discount coupons extremely well to use as much of the card as possible without paying out of pocket. I have also received over 60 free rentals from trading in Netflix address flaps (good deal) during two separate promotions.

4. The World of Coca-Cola tasting room – You know I like to try local foods, so the chance to try soda flavors from regions I may never visit was much welcome.

5. Grits – The first time I had them was in Austin. I liked them. I tried the DIY grits from Trader Joe’s. They were not good. My host family made grits for us. I liked them.

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