Kevin’s Eleven: Stuff I Want on Blu-Ray

Blu-Ray is the “winner” of the format war with HD-DVD. However, it is still fighting regular DVD for its own future. It’s doing well enough for a format that requires adopters to buy a pricey new player and the non-mandatory, but useful if you want to maximize the technology’s potential, HDTV and a surround sound audio system. Oh, and buy new discs that can cost double the normal DVD version. Fortunately, you can use the Blu-Ray disc players as upconvertors for your current DVD collection, so you do not have to replace your DVD collection, like you may have done during the VHS videocassette to DVD transition. So far, Blu-Ray discs have better video and audio quality, but the extra space is often not being used for more bonus material, which you know I enjoy (common BD discs can hold 50GB of data, compared to 9GB for DVD), so consumers will hold back on upgrading if all they know is “the picture is better.”

These titles are my wish list, some are currently on sale, some are planned for future release, some have no release plans. Whatever, I want them on Blu-Ray.

1. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy – Extended Edition

2. Star Wars – The Complete Series (yes, all six films)

3. Discovery Atlas

4. Firefly

5. Sunrise Earth

6. Wall-E

7. The 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, with Opening and Closing Ceremonies

8. The Ultimate Matrix Collection

9. Serenity

10. The Bourne Series

11. Speed Racer

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