I’ll be in Albuquerque tomorrow

I’m going with Mom, as she doesn’t like to travel alone. I’ve recently started a job that I already don’t like after one week, and I’m taking time off. Although, I’m a part time employee, and being a new hire, my schedule is more flexible than someone who has been there longer. They have me taking the night shift for the six days leading up to the trip. Each shift is 8 hours each for a total of 48 hours, how is that part time? Then I go back the day after I return.

There are no plans to rent a car, as Mom is there for a convention, and the hotel is attached to the convention center. I’ll have to find a way to get around town. The job already reduces the time I can search online for better jobs, so there is no way I can have time to study street maps, walking distances, and public transportation routes. I think I saw mention of a free shuttle from the hotel to a certain part of downtown (is there an Old Downtown?). We’ll also be there during the height of summer, which means sun and heat, which I would prefer to avoid. I don’t know why my travel always does that to me, both times I went to Australia, it was the middle of summer in the Southern Hemisphere.

I could find nearby shopping malls to spend time indoors, but there will probably be shops that I can find at home. The job also prevents me from catching up on television and movies, but I’d rather not travel and spend lots of time in a cinema or watching downloaded shows on the computer. I’d like to get out and try new foods and take photos to share with you. I suppose I’d walk into every other place that serves food and try a bit of whatever they serve. In the past, I have done the full meal thing, but that tends to invoke too much decision-making and vector-weight value assignments to certain restaurants/foods (read my Seattle trip from September 2006). Instead, I will try to snack all day long with small portions of lots of different things. That way, I try lots of stuff, and if I really like a place, I can go back for more, instead of killing one whole meal on it.

I’ll get to try out some of my new REI purchases. With the last two 20% off member coupons, the large summer sale, the recent 15% off multiple-use coupons, and smart use of the REI-Outlet site, I’ve stocked up on some lightweight, quick-drying clothing that I will test out. It is the kind of stuff that you can wash in the sink and let dry overnight, so you can get by with just two pairs of everything (or one if you sleep naked). Still no pants yet, those look too touristy (and are expensive), or socks. I need more research into quick-drying socks, but I think I’m leaning towards merino wool/synthetic blends. My Costco socks are cotton, which are terrible for moisture-wicking, because they apparently are moisture absorbers, which means your feet stay damp (they are real cheap though). Both are bulky, but the cotton dries much slower, so those will eventually get phased out as they fall apart and are replaced.

Again, lack of pre-research time means I have no idea what to do in Albuquerque, and I’m restricted to walking and public transport, so help me out. What should I do, see, visit, and eat?

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One Response to I’ll be in Albuquerque tomorrow

  1. James says:

    Try these wbsites for help on what to do in ABQ (Albuquerque):



    There’s lots of great information about what to do in Albuquerque.

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