Kevin’s Eleven: People Whom You Would Expect To Have An Overdeveloped Muscle, But Don’t list

Obviously, the human body is pretty good at maintaining balance, even being able to “tell” you when something is wrong (but it’s up to your brain to interpret the signals). I recall reading somewhere that even with muscle and exercise that favors one side of the body, you won’t end up with one side significantly larger than the other, as the body can somehow “share” the exercise to the other side. This is handy during physical rehabilitation. Imagine you break a leg, that leg becomes immobilized to allow mending. Your other leg is doing most of the work, and with the proper training regimen, you can exercise the good leg such that you can “help out” your broken leg. I looked for references, but not enough people read my stuff to warrant a lot of effort. Look at the list and you’ll get an idea of what the title means.

1. Baseball/softball pitchers

2. Tennis players

3. Football (gridiron) quarterbacks

4. Long-distance truck drivers

5. Race car drivers

6. Professional bowlers

7. Arm wrestlers (are they still around?)

8. Carpenters

9. Artists (such as painters)

10. Javelin/Discus throwers

11. Darts players (if all they do is drink beer and play darts)

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