A nice surprise in HD

I use two online tv schedules: TitanTV and TVGuide.com. Titan was faster and had an important advantage – moving the clock didn’t reset the page back to the top, so if I was reading the HD channels (~700 range), I wouldn’t have to scroll all the way down again. But, it didn’t show several important channels, like BBC America, Sci-Fi, Discovery HD, and Discovery HD Theater, hence the requirement for TVGuide. I now notice that TVGuide does the “move the clock and stay in the same area” thing, plus it shows the channels that TitanTV misses.

Now for the surprise: Last week, instead of typing in direct channel numbers, I used the “channel up button to scroll through, and found Sci-Fi HD and Food Network HD. Both are unlisted on TitanTV and TVGuide, and are also absent from the Comcast website. How stupid is that? Food Network in HD was number 1 on my wish list for new HD channels, and not only do they now provide it, but they don’t even announce it. There are people who are holding off on buying an HDTV (and upgrading their service) because there isn’t enough material to warrant the cost. Discovery HD Theater was alone worth the extra $10 per month (beyond expanded basic cable), and now I get so much more. Now bring me BBC America and Travel Channel in HD please. As of this post date, TVGuide now shows the new HD channels, Titan TV still does not.

To celebrate Food Network in HD, I repost one of the tastier food photos I have.

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