Road Trip: San Luis Obispo Day 04 – Monday 26 May 2008

Our usual “tradition” is to have the final breakfast at a Denny’s or IHOP. Since we already went to an IHOP, and we’d rather not drive back into San Luis Obispo for Denny’s, then return to Los Osos, we visit the local coffee house within walking distance that also serves food. We’ve been to Cad’s Coffee House before, and it is serviceable. The prices are good and the atmosphere is homey – you serve yourself coffee in any mug that you find, which is a cache of mugs of all sizes and shapes from all over the place, looking like someone’s kitchen cupboard. The menu is basic, but thoughtful, and with just one cook and one server, it might be slow during busy times. This was not a busy time. In fact, the sign said they weren’t even open on Monday. Perhaps they were open because of the holiday, or perhaps the sign is outdated. My breakfast burrito, called the Powerglide, came with a tangy green chile sauce that we found out was store bought, but we weren’t told which brand or which store.

Darryl and I head into San Luis Obispo for one last shopping trip to the House of Bread, and I find a prime parking spot (which I do often). Yesterday, while Darryl was at dinner and Rob and I were waiting downtown, I scouted the next day’s bread menu to plan my purchases. Since we were already downtown, Darryl wanted to also visit the Cal Poly Downtown store, which is an offshoot store of Cal Poly’s on-campus El Corral Bookstore, specializing in Cal Poly merchandise, so we go there first so we don’t have to carry multiple loaves of bread around. He buys a shirt, and he might have bought more, but some prices were rather unreasonable ($60+ for a polo shirt).

At the House of Bread, we get one loaf of strawberry swirl and three small loaves of lemon bread (one for me, one for Darryl, one for this guy). Last time I was here (in November), I bought one loaf of apple cinnamon swirl (on recommendation) and one small loaf of lemon bread. I remember liking the lemon bread, but didn’t remember how small it was. If I had, I would have bought the large loaf. I did like the apple cinnamon swirl, but that’s on the regular menu, while the strawberry swirl is a new product. If it sells well, they keep it, if not, they drop it. I tend to lean towards limited edition stuff, because I know I can still return to the regular menu later.

On this trip, I also wanted to go visit Bali’s Frozen Yogurt, but they weren’t open yet and we didn’t want to wait. In all the years I spent here and the later times I visited, I never tried the frozen yogurt there. I also never had a sandwich at Gus’s Grocery, which had consistently won “best sandwich in SLO County” in one of those free local interest newspapers. When I went back for graduation commencement, I finally went there, and the sandwich was a massive let-down. The parking situation was already terrible, but combined with bland, hard bread and thin amounts of toppings, it was an overall disappointment. It wasn’t an issue of over-hype, and even an off-day wouldn’t produce a sandwich that bad.


On the road, Darryl and I stop in King City to drop off some stuff that John had left behind when he departed on Saturday after dinner in Morro Bay. We stop at the Burger King for a drink and snack break before continuing north.

I stop again at Target in Morgan Hill for a final break. After this city, we leave Highway 101 and take Highway 85 to Interstate 280 to head towards San Jose and San Francisco, meaning we aren’t reversing our route from the trip down. Driving north across the Golden Gate Bridge is a no toll direction.

You may have heard about “The Flintstone House” along Interstate 280. Every time I passed it, I was either driving, or in the passenger seat at night, so I could never get a good image of it. I asked Darryl to take the photo, and here is the result. It’s a bit dark, but that’s because I didn’t have time to adjust the manual settings, because I was driving.


We stop briefly in San Francisco to drop off one of the loaves of lemon bread. Finally at my house, we empty the trunk and back seat, transfer Darryl’s stuff to his truck, and say goodbye to another SLO road trip.

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