Kevin’s Eleven: Best Television No Longer On The Air list

You know what shows I like right now and which channels I watch the most. Now I will taunt you with the best television shows that are no longer in production (you may be able to find them in syndication reruns). These were the ones that burned the brightest. Maybe they only finished one season, or half a season before cancellation, or perhaps they lasted seven years and have become classics of the medium, they are all shows I talked about when they were still alive and still reference today.  In simple words, they all entertained me.

1. Firefly

2. Star Trek: The Next Generation

3. Futurama

4. Angel

5. Buffy, The Vampire Slayer

6. Mad About You

7. The O.C.

8. Sports Night

9. Wonderfalls

10. Iron Chef (Japanese edition)

11. Arrested Development

Just missed – Andy Richter Controls the Universe, Cupid, The Tick (animated), Batman: The Animated Series, Newsradio, Dead Like Me, A Cook’s Tour

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