Kevin’s Eleven: Best Places I’ve Been list

You know I like to travel. Unfortunately, I haven’t traveled enough to be able to call myself a real one. Now that I’ve committed to making a bunch of lists, I’ll give you my favorite places, which could be interpreted as my recommendation for your travel destinations. And you’ll get to see how little I’ve actually traveled.

1. San Francisco Bay Area: I know it’s a cheap entry, but it is a pretty nifty place to live. It’s also the best restaurant city in the world.

2. Sydney: If I had to live somewhere else, here’s where I would be.

3. Melbourne: Mellower than Sydney, more in tune with San Francisco, and no funnel web spiders.

4. Vancouver, BC: Cooler climate, near the ocean, has their own hockey team.

5. Hawaiian Islands: They’ve done a pretty decent job of preserving natural beauty in the face of rampant tourism. Go there before that changes.

6. Seattle: Like Vancouver, but I won’t have to exchange any currency (but no hockey).

7. Lake Louise, Alberta: Incredible nature scenery – an emerald lake at the base of the Canadian Rockies, with Victoria Glacier as a backdrop, and the land is covered by fir trees. I can only imagine how pristine it looks in winter.

8. Hong Kong: I haven’t been there since I was 10, so I’m sure I would appreciate it more now.

9. Cairns, Queensland: It’s not the most exciting town on its own, but it has a comforting small town feel and is the launching pad for many of Australia’s greatest treasures – Great Barrier Reef, Atherton Tablelands, Kuranda Rainforest, and more.

10. Moorea, Tahiti: I wouldn’t recommend this place for single people who don’t like to lie on the beach, seeing other people having fun here would be depressing. However, I would go back if given the chance.

11. Orlando, Florida: I don’t much care for Disneyland/World, but the science/travel nut that I am appreciates EPCOT (and its proximity to Kennedy Space Center), and I suppose I would like Animal Kingdom, which was set to open a few months after the last time I was there. My favorite part of the Disney Empire is the sheer amount of land they occupy – the amount of planning logistics to maintain it must be huge.

Just missed – Austin, Texas: I’ve only spent 4 days there, but it wasn’t too bad from the little I saw. Plenty of clubs and live music, if you enjoy that sort of thing (I don’t).

Panama City, Panama: Don’t be scared, they use US currency and electrical outlets, and most of them understand English.

Washington, D.C.: Was there for Close-Up, and a cold snap knocked out power for a good part of the week, closing down many of the museums, but we saw plenty of shopping malls.

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