Which version of GTA IV should I get?

Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto IV is released today on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. I am having difficulty deciding on which platform to play it. Both have pros and cons, perhaps you can help me decide. The following points will be a mix of personal opinion and reviewer comments.

Xbox 360 –
Pros: better controller; better online experience (via LIVE); more online friends; designed for Xbox first (then ported to PS3); better framerate; future exclusive downloadable content for purchase; achievement points
Cons: I fully expect my launch unit (living in an entertainment cabinet) to fail eventually, hopefully before the warranty period is over; plays entirely off disc; noisier console

PS3 –
Pros: less graphic pop-in; requires hard drive installation (less load time); potential to import game saves from internet (I’m not the type of gamer who needs to complete 100% of a game); one real friend (someone I’ve actually met) whom I could find online; help build my PS3 game library (15 Xbox vs 2 PS3)
Cons: more muted color palette; not my favorite controller (Sixaxis nor DualShock 3); if battery dies, you have to play wired or wait for it to charge up); Blu-Ray seems like a waste of disc space

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