Driving across the Golden Gate Bridge

The date: 19 April 2008. The direction: Southbound Highway 101. The bridge is often used as a visual landmark representing the United States and a major tourist destination.

This blog is meant to be about travel. Obviously, I can’t travel enough to make regular blog posts about it. For as long as I’ve lived in the San Francisco Bay Area, I’ve never walked across the Golden Gate Bridge, but I have driven across it many times. Here is one of those times. The direction is southbound from Marin County to San Francisco County. The bridge toll is $5 per car (larger vehicles may have a different rate). There is no toll for carpools during certain times of the day with at least 3 passengers in the vehicle. The ten minute video begins on the Marin side (between Marin City and Sausalito) near the bottom of the hill leading towards the bridge and ends along 19th Avenue right before the entrance to Golden Gate Park, one of the largest urban parks in the country (even larger than New York’s Central Park).

Many people unfamiliar with the geography may be misled into believing that the Golden Gate Bridge connects one part of San Francisco to another part of San Francisco, like bridges in other cities such as London, New York, or Pittsburgh. Several movies and television programs have scenes set on this bridge, and viewer may think that the person is heading into San Francisco, but it depends on the direction. You know those classic images of the the bridge with San Francisco in the background? Those are all taken from Marin County. For a movie example, let’s look at Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home – Kirk and Spock ride a bus across the bridge to go to the Cetacean Institute to investigate whales. In real life: 1. that was a Muni bus, which doesn’t travel over the bridge; 2. they’re heading north, which means leaving San Francisco; 3. the Cetacean institute is actually the Monterey Bay Aquarium, approximately 120 miles south of San Francisco. It’s just all messed up. Just remember, the Golden Gate Bridge does not represent only San Francisco, but also Marin County to the north.

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  1. Very good revision! Thanks for this!

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