My Kotaku contest pipet tip plane

About 2 weeks ago, gaming blog Kotaku opened a contest calling readers to design and wear a plane costume to win a copy of Ace Combat 6 for the Xbox 360. After a lackluster number of entries and two days to go, they altered the contest to include two copies of the game, one for the best costume, and one for the best built plane (like a toy). Being interested in the game, and being a fan of free stuff, I knew I wasn’t going to be designing any costume, so I looked around for building material. I had been planning to recycle some discarded 1000µl pipet tips I liberated from the trash at the lab some time ago. I figured I could stick them together LEGO-style to fashion a plane shape. That didn’t work, as I only had 300 pipet tips, so I thought to stand them up in the overhead shape of a plane. The difficulty here is that they are thin and rather unsteady when standing upright, such that knocking one over would create a domino-effect and take down lots more, kind of like the way a single bowling pin can fall between and knock down two pins, and so on. I had to start over more than a few times, plus fix some collapses, hence the uneven edges. 300 of them doesn’t make a great plane shape, more would have been better.

Here is the finished picture. The second picture shows an AA battery for scale.


Anyway, since there was no announced change to the contest deadline, I figured I at least had a chance for an hour of work. However, they extended the deadline another week, allowing more creative plane entries to arrive. Oh well, at least they posted my entry on their site. Apparently, my plane wasn’t good enough to make the top 20 cut, to be voted on by the readers. Come on, mine is better than the mashed potato planes, the existing plane covered with playing cards, the obviously also pre-made plane with Kotaku logo stuck to it, and the one by the guy who really doesn’t need another Ace Combat game.

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One Response to My Kotaku contest pipet tip plane

  1. Scott Gualco says:

    Nice job on the pipette tip plane! Perhaps this can be a new Guinness World Record category: “largest object fashioned out of pipette tips.” It’s just a thought.

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