Hooray for Capitalism

Unlike a typical male, I don’t find the Three Stooges, midgets, monkeys, or the word “ass”, funny. As a typical male, I dislike shopping, but when it is required, I don’t take all day to find something. I know what I’m looking for and if I find it, I buy it, if not, I leave. Most of the time, I’ll do advance research online to find the best prices and availability. There are not many places where I will browse a section of a store to look at the inventory, but remember, I’m also there to look for a specific item, not just to get out of the house. There is a mission to accomplish. What are these mythical places where I am willing to spend extra time?

1. Best Buy
2. Public libraries
3. Bookstores (large ones like Borders or Barnes & Noble)

Costco doesn’t change their stock often, so this one doesn’t count much. However, when traveling, I like to check out the nearby Costco if it is close enough, mostly because other locations may have different or regional products, not just in the food court.

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