Internet Time Waster #1: Meltdown

So I’ve done a consistent one-month block of posts, starting with a week-long stint, then slowed to every two days. I’d rather not stretch it to every three days, because as you get to know me, you notice I don’t have much to say all at once. It takes time to build up something worth a conversation, barring a relevant quote from The Simpsons or Brian Regan. I have a folder of websites I usually visit several times a day or more, but rather than share with you my bookmark list, I’ll point you to places I enjoy that you can visit when you want to waste some time while you wait for that torrent file to finish email to arrive. You may need to install Flash for some of these.

Internet Time Waster #1: Meltdown

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2 Responses to Internet Time Waster #1: Meltdown

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