Old time Sydney

Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum has recently published photos from its Tyrrell Collection into The Commons on flickr. It contains photos of old time Sydney and New South Wales from near the turn of the 20th century. You know my love for this place, so I bumped the scheduled posts to let you know about this (too bad this was announced on April 7, after my every-two-days post went up). Check out the flickr blog and the Powerhouse blog for more details. The Commons is designed to share important historical photography archives with the world. The Powerhouse Museum is only the second member to join (the first being the Library of Congress).

For comparison, here is an image of Circular Quay in 1900 from their collection (I hope I’m allowed to do this).

And here is one of my photos of Circular Quay in 2005 (from a slightly different perspective).
DSC05499 (Circular Quay)

A couple of years ago, a friend came to my town to check out a furniture store to shop for his room. You know how they have fake electronics (hollow plastic TVs and VCRs)? The books on shelves are real and just for show. I found an interesting picture book on Sydney, published in the 1960s (I think), which was before the Sydney Opera House was completed. Since they didn’t sell books, or weren’t allowed to do so, I was told I could do a swap – bring in a book to replace the one I wanted. Easiest thing to do? Head to the local public library and take two books from the free pile to exchange for the one I like.

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