Dear internet: please learn to spell

Before you attack, I recognize that a good 85+% of the world does not learn English as a first language. You are excused from today’s lesson. For those who consider themselves fluent, please recognize the difference between the following (and look up the proper use if necessary):

they’re, their, there
your, you’re
accept, except
affect, effect
its, it’s
e.g, i.e
whether, weather

I also don’t understand that, for people who are able to type so much online, whether in emails, IM chat, message boards, web pages, blogs, word processing, etc., you can’t figure out how to use spell-check. It’s usually even the default setting. As such, please learn the correct spellings for the following words:

rediculous, ludacris, definately

In the case of that last word, a common spell-check corrected form of “definately” is “defiantly”, which means you have gone from using an incorrectly spelled word, to using a correctly spelled, but completely out-of-context word instead. Spell-check won’t always help you (for example, if you accidentally use “on” instead of “one”, “to” or “too”, “lose” or “loose”). The only solution? Learn to spell. Maybe start playing Scrabulous on Facebook, you kids seem to be all over those social networking sites. Finally, it’s”could/should/would have”, not “could/should/would of”.

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