Has anyone seen Quiksilver sunscreen?

On my last major research cruise, I ended up in Tahiti, where I got sunburned through a black t-shirt and Coppertone sunscreen I bought at Costco (bought because it was cheap). I don’t know if sunscreen can expire, but I know it didn’t work, so I tossed the rest of the bottle. I used the remainder of a bottle of sport-style (whatever that means) sunscreen on the cruise portion, which ran out as the cruise ended (I can plan things like that). Since I was continuing travel in the southern hemisphere during the middle of the summer season, I wanted to replace it with something that worked, but non-greasy, since I tend to favor electronic gadgets, and residue is an issue. At my next stop in Melbourne, I found this Quiksilver sunscreen at a chemist shop near the hostel. They had offered 10% off cards at the hostel, and you know I’m cheap. Fortunately, it worked better than any other sunscreen I’ve ever used. Three years later, it’s running low, but still works, which leads me to believe that sunscreen doesn’t expire, but the Coppertone stuff I had sucked. I haven’t been able to find Quiksilver sunscreen anywhere online. Can you help?


Before the cruise, I had bought a UV-protecting rashguard on ebay, but the seller waited a couple of days to send it, and it wouldn’t have reached me in time for the trip, so we were able to cancel the transaction. I ended up buying one at a K-mart in Alice Springs, NT, in Australia. It works very well, and teamed up with effective sunscreen, take that Sun!

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