My Flickr avatar

If you’ve been clicking on the photos in recent blogs, you’ll be directed to that photo’s page in my flickr gallery. You may have also noticed the avatar, some kind of duck. It is a stuffed duck toy in a pirate outfit found in the window of a pirate-themed shop, called Pirates Plunder, along Seattle’s waterfront (Pier 57). Everything you need to be a fake pirate can be found there. I am also part of a very small internet pirate-themed message board. I thought it would make a neat avatar for that place, and I liked it enough to use it elsewhere. Side story: the day after the Seattle trip, I was told that the RTC Discovery Day in less than three weeks would have a pirate theme. If they had sent out the email two days earlier, I could have stocked up on pirate stuff for everybody, or at least bought myself a hat and that duck.


Bonus second photo: here is a patchwork metal penguin standing in the atrium of Seattle’s Pacific Place Mall. The art piece is easily at least seven feet tall from bottom of pedestal to top of head.


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