Anticipation is key

For those with point-and-shoot digital cameras or cameraphones, surely you are aware that the picture is not actually snapped the instant you press the shutter button, but rather anywhere up to 1/3 of a second later. This makes photography where you are trying to capture an exact moment a tad difficult. It is even more difficult when the desired event occurs at unpredictable intervals. On our research cruises along the California coast, we would be accompanied by occasional dolphin companions, swimming through, around, and in front of, the ship wake. When you can’t tell when they will leap out of the water, you appreciate digital cameras that restrict the number of photos only based on storage capacity and battery life. Many P&S digital cameras also use the “half-press” technique, where pressing down half way kicks in the auto-focus, and the full press takes the photo. In this case, you had to be at the half-press point and hope that the dolphin’s position is in the focal range. It took several minutes and dozens of snaps to capture some presentable images. Here is one of the better results.


Bonus second photo, just because these images were hard to get.

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One Response to Anticipation is key

  1. Scott says:

    Wow! Nice photos.

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