Where the Pacific meets the Atlantic

Panama City, Panama: my mom is there now to see her uncle, who is sick. We could only manage to get one plane ticket, which was expensive enough four days before departure, and consider that it is also Easter weekend (and Panama is a heavily Catholic country) and spring break for many Americans. Much like my four-year pattern for Australia, I also have a pattern regarding Panama. My cousin (technically nephew) visited in summer of 2004, then I went to Panama at the end of 2005 and summer 2007, for a meeting rate of 18 months, so the next time we meet should be around the end of 2008. That’s an overly geeky way to look at it, and real life does not always want to help out. If we wanted another plane ticket for me, I would have either had to get a first class ticket on that same flight, or take a different flight, meaning someone there would have had to go to the airport twice. A hotel would be an extra expense if we wanted to stay downtown near where mom’s uncle is staying. Since this is a short-notice, emergency-type trip, they don’t have time off work, so we would have no transport, except at the very beginning and end of the day, so staying with them at their house isn’t as convenient. I don’t know my way around the city, though I could figure it out with a map (I couldn’t even find one to buy during either trip), but there still wouldn’t be much for me to do (not much public internet access, and not a great selection of tv channels in the hotel). I suppose I could spend the day in the hotel pool, if we stayed in a hotel that had one.

But you’re here for the photos. Here is a starfruit (aka Carambola, wiki), named for it’s star shape when cut into cross-sections. It is a sweet, tropical fruit that grows on trees in people’s backyards and in the wild. People also have washing machines, but rarely a dryer (for obvious reasons).


Bonus photo! I like this one for the colors that showed up when a car drove through the frame during the 4-second exposure. The restaurant had a blue neon sign in front and the one to the right of the photo had a pinkish neon sign in front, both were reflected by the car and mixed with the headlights and red rear light, and the night time Panama City cityscape is in the background across the harbor.


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