Palace of Fine Arts

This is the setting for a scene from one of the coolest movies in recent times, 1996’s The Rock. After the car chase through steep San Francisco streets (all action movies set in SF must have a car chase), Sean Connery’s character gets caught here while meeting his granddaughter. I had an interview at The Exploratorium a week ago (still haven’t heard back), and since I tend to get to places early, I had time to walk around the Palace of Fine Arts area. Today, you get two photos. The first one is of one of the pillars, take note of the small white block towards the bottom (on the concrete square, you may need to click through to see a larger size), that’s an adapter port for an electrical outlet. I thought it was a weird location, and wondered if it was planned from the beginning (when the pillars were built) or if it was a later renovation (much more likely).


The second picture is of a pair of ducks in the lagoon/pond. That’s it.


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