The good old days

of cheaper gasoline. Californians have been paying more than the national average, which is reasonable since they likely use more than average. I’m surprised the price isn’t higher, since they’ll pay it anyway. Sure, they’ll complain all the time, but they will still buy it. I took this from the tour bus taking me around Sydney, I think this was returning to the CBD after a trip out to Manly.


The first time I visited in December 2000, AU$1 = US$0.55, as I type this, AU$1 = US$0.92. That sign shows that 1 liter of petrol cost 97.9 cents. In January 2005 (when this picture was taken), the Australian dollar was worth around US$0.76. At that exchange and metric conversion rate (using 1 gallon= 3.785 liters), 97.9 cents per liter equals US$3.70 per gallon, more than the current US average, and this was three years ago. Checking today, the cheapest gasoline around me was $3.54 per gallon. I wonder what petrol prices are today in Australia.

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One Response to The good old days

  1. Cariel says:

    Wow, I have to say that your photos on flickr are stunning! I’m so envious of all the places you’ve been, especially Australia. Very cool =D

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