Happy Pi Day!

So it’s Pi day and also Albert Einstein’s birthday, further confirmation of the man’s genius. How many digits can I recite? 3.141592653589793238462643383… (27 decimal places so far). The first known Pi Day celebration was held at San Francisco’s Exploratorium in 1998. On Wednesday, I had a job interview there, and I suppose I have a pretty good chance, though I have no idea how many other people were interviewed. I also had an interview for a part time job at the Aquarium Of The Bay at Pier 39, but they didn’t want me, thinking I would rather do something more research or lab-support related. I also would have preferred a more full time job. Plus, parking near Pier 39 is incredibly expensive, while the Exploratorium offers free parking.

Back to pie: I had a small banana cream pie after lunch. I bought it at 1:59pm, according to the Safeway receipt. After checking out some used video games, I made my way to the Peacock Gap Golf Club, where I ate the pie in the parking lot. According to the exif data from the cameraphone,it was taken at 3:14pm. Notice all this? March 14th = 3/14, 3:14pm, and 1:59pm = 3.14159… I totally had this all planned out.

Some people have tried to establish a counterpart to Valentine’s Day, but I don’t know if it will catch on. Though Facebook seems to be playing along with today’s limited edition gift.

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