Flickr Group: Touching Famous Landmarks

Please join and submit relevant photos to my new flickr group – Touching Famous Landmarks. Oh, and Happy New Year!

This travel-oriented group features photos of people touching famous landmarks. The person (or persons) must be in contact with the landmark, or at least as close as possible while still physically reaching out for it. If you’re standing next to it or it is in the background, sorry, not good enough. Leaning on it counts, and it is best to have the shot wide enough to be able to identify the landmark. What constitutes a famous landmark? I guess public opinion rules – if enough people say a submission doesn’t count, the photo will be removed from the group.

Repeats welcome! Don’t worry if someone else has already touched the same landmark, let’s see you touching it! But please limit your submissions to one photo per landmark per person. Here are some samples:

Space Needle – Seattle, Washington, USA


Sydney Opera House – Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Uluru (Ayer’s Rock) – Northern Territories, Australia

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One Response to Flickr Group: Touching Famous Landmarks

  1. Florian says:

    Dude…why dont you come visit us in LI and touch some NY landmarks….there are many: Hmmm…..empire state…statue of liberty….chrysler building….UN…my house!
    Hope your well!

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