Update: Flickr Pro and Driftr

I finished my thesis and turned it in to the university. Unless they have some major problem with it, or there is some administrative error/issue, I should be officially a Master of Science in January 2008. To celebrate, I upgraded to Flickr Pro using a free code I received for attending the San Francisco Engadget meet-up in September. I wanted to wait as long as possible, maybe until the new year, so it could be a pro account for the entire 2008, but I was worried the code might have had an expiration date. The first 200 people received a free Sansa Connect DAP (which people got by lining up 9 hours before the event), the next 250 people got a Flickr upgrade code. I kind of like this better, because I would have just sold the Sansa player on ebay (plus, I wouldn’t have bought a Sansa Clip on Black Friday for $35). As a result, I’ve uploaded over 1200 pictures in 2 days (Zooomr is still not getting me what I want, though I won’t quit on them). I’ve also started a Driftr account – it’s a site where you can do quick-and-dirty information on a trip you’ve taken, and add pictures or link your Flickr gallery to the trip. I’ve already moved up into the top 5 based on uploaded pictures, and I have many more photos to upload. The only apparent drawback is you can only list one city at a time (Hah! See what I did there?), so if you took a multi-city trip (or a road trip), you have to pick one city or break it into more than one trip. Also, I started getting hits from Brazil via a referral to my post about the basketball-shooting robot (you may recall Discovery Channel website news also gave me a referral).

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One Response to Update: Flickr Pro and Driftr

  1. sara says:

    Driftr is a wonderful way to keep a travel blog. Another site that offers the same benefits as Driftr is Globetrip.net Globetrip.net has a cool video upload feature. The videos are so professionally done that it’s like taking a vacation from my laptop! http://globetrip.net

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