Nearing the end of the Master’s thesis… deal-io… thing…

The lack of postings is due to business before pleasure. In other words, I made a massive push to finish my thesis for my Masters Degree. If you’re wondering, the title is “Phytoplankton community changes in San Francisco Bay observed with a CytoSense flow cytometer”. If successful, I will get a Masters of Science in Marine Biology, concentration in Biological Oceanography, from San Francisco State University. After that? Get a job somewhere, but where? Ideally, somewhere that will be away from here.

Here isn’t bad, though I haven’t spent long periods of time away from here. This is a travel-oriented blog, so a job that takes forces relocation will allow me to see somewhere else. Simple, right?

Not so much – nearly every online job posting I find that mentions flow cytometry is in the cancer research field. That’s fine, but it’s not what I’ve done, so I wouldn’t be of much use to those institutions. I guess I’m looking for what is called a laboratory/research technician position, someone who helps maintain and operate the equipment in the lab to conduct research and analyze and process data.

Anyway, the ClustrMap on the right is designed to show me the locations of visitors. It’s just a bit of fun. Hopefully, people from all over the world visit, though less than 20 a day from who knows where.

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One Response to Nearing the end of the Master’s thesis… deal-io… thing…

  1. Scott says:

    Any chance of a research position in Australia?

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