An idea that can go either way

I also have a Picasa blog, where the idea is to share pictures. You already know that I take loads of digital pictures. I have many of them on various photo-sharing websites, but when you deal with quantity, the quality suffers. So there, I thought I would post a single picture at a time, with some accompanying text to describe the photo. Otherwise, you get no context, as I don’t feel like renaming and captioning thousands of photos.

One of the biggest trips of my young life so far has been a combination month-long research cruise across the Pacific Ocean, beginning in San Diego and ending in Tahiti, and afterwards heading into Australia for almost three weeks. I talk about it so much because it’s the only cool thing I have done. I figured I’d select one photo from each day to share. This can work well when on the boat, as routine events take place, leaving less chance for interesting shots as the days pass. It will be tougher later on when I was taking hundreds of photos a day in Australia, so I may share more than one, or maybe many days sharing one photo at a time from a single day of the trip. There is no set structure. If you check out my other photos, you can make a special request for a description, and I hope I can eventually get around to it. For this trip in photos, I plan to share chronologically.

Here is the second photo I took on this trip, after landing in San Diego (Southwest from Oakland, CA). Day one was November 29, 2004, the first Monday after Thanksgiving. As is typical in American commercialism, the day after one holiday ends, everything turns to the next holiday.

I also wrote a daily travelogue of this trip, I think after it’s all added up, it is over 400 pages single spaced. I’ve been looking into online publication services to turn it into book form.

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