I love Discovery Channel

This is no surprise. I talk about it enough. It seems they did something for me as well. I like to check my blog stats to see how many hits it gets. In doing this yesterday, I noticed something highly unusual. My previous best day was 41 hits, on two separate occasions, both during a period of daily blogging due to a travel trip. So what did I see yesterday? 65 views! To check if something was wonky, or what caused, it, I looked at the “Referrers” link list to see how people found this blog. Follow the jump to see screencaps.

Turns out the link most used was this one, from a news article on the front page of the Discovery website. The article, written by Jennifer Viegas of Discovery News (thanks, Jennifer!) is about the science of a perfect basketball jumpshot. Towards the end of this second page of the article, you’ll see in the “Related links” section a link called “Meet a hoops-shooting robot” which links directly to the previous blog entry here. I guess it was found with help from the tags, title, and maybe the Youtube video. But if the video was the main reason, I wonder why the link wasn’t directly to the video itself on Youtube. I imagine these article writers would be busy enough to not want to look at a video and backtrack to find more context on a blog, even if it is from the uploader.

I don’t care much, I like that I got lots of hits, maybe a few more regular readers. The best part is getting a mention on the Discovery Channel website (even if it is an afterthought).

The pictures you see are from today, the second day after the weirdness that was a crazy number of hits. I wanted to see if it continued into another day. Apparently, it did, rocking 96 views on the second day.

First picture is the number of hits over the past 4 weeks, notice the number only broke 30 views once. Imagine seeing double that for no apparent reason. Second picture is the list of referral links and most viewed blog posts, notice all the Discovery links and double-digit figures. Third picture is the history of the basketball-shooting robot blog post, notice that before 12 September, the total number of views was less than 10.

Will it get even more views on the third and subsequent days? The Youtube video stat-tracking hasn’t shown a marked increase in views yet.

Click the pictures for a larger view.

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