The last day (before the final morning)

Saturday, it’s back to Robinson (I don’t like this place much anymore). Costco gasoline is often the cheapest, but with more driving to do, I reckon I will need to top up again, even if it’s a couple of gallons, as I would rather not have to pay $6+ a gallon to have Budget fill the tank. I also reckon a Chevrolet Impala is not that fuel efficient. Breakfast is at Fatburger, and I’ve read they have some of the best chain restaurant burgers. Never having seen one before, I wanted to try this (you know me and new food). A Fatburger with everything and Fat Fries (steak cut) to go please, I still have a bottle of orange Powerade in the hotel. A couple of hours later, mom wants to go back to Robinson to look for thread and to Costco to look for something. No thread at three places, and at Costco, she tells me that we are there for lunch, even though I ate not long ago and I’m not hungry, probably not until dinner, which I hoped to try the in-hotel pizza restaurant. Remember that this Costco has two new items? I’m not in the mood for a sandwich, so I’ll try to muscle down an Italian sausage sandwich. It’s pretty good and rather simple, I would definitely have it again. On the way back to the hotel, I add another 1.55 gallons of gasoline. The petrol station (Unamerican!) had an adjoining 7-11, but alas, no Buzz Cola. At this point, I don’t think I’ll ever find it.

There’s not enough time for swimming, even though the sky is bright and the pool has lots of guests, because the clothes would not dry in time for packing tonight (we leave by 3am to get to the airport). Staying in a hotel room with limited television channels, a 3-hour time difference (so I can’t watch prime time TV from home via Slingbox), and a broken newspaper machine leads to boredom. In addition, the pizza restaurant is closed, and is closed often. If you want a pizza, you order it through room service, the restaurant, or the bar menu. I choose the bar menu route, and it is different from the pizza pamphlet in the room, so I have to adjust my order to just a 14-inch with mushrooms. At least I got charged for a plain cheese pizza.

There are so many people here and so many cars in the parking lot because of a few factors: it’s a weekend, there’s a Steelers football (Americano, not internationale) game at Heinz Field tonight, and there is a Veteran’s reunion of some sort. The hotel conference center rooms also hold many activities, from church groups to business meetings to baby showers. At least it signifies that the hotel is decent to above average in quality.

I pack as much as I can for now, which doesn’t take long, because I’m crazy efficient at planning it out (see my Tetris skills), which means I have more space than when I arrived (discarded clothes FTW). Now all there is to do is decide to go to sleep, or wait it out and leave at 3am (midnight home time), but that’s not my decision.

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