Surprise travel!

I am leaving for Pennsylvania in six hours, and I may finally get free wireless internet in a hotel. If so, I might update this more than once a day (for the first time ever) with short entries, because day-long stories are tough to write. I will be bringing used clothes to discard along the way, and enough clothes for exactly one week. If I need more, or an extra day’s worth, I will certainly be able to find it. I had considered bringing enough for just half a week, and use the hotel laundry, but the hotel web page doesn’t list laundry services. In any case, I don’t know if the lost time and low (ideally) cost of hotel laundry is worth bringing three fewer days of clothes (keep in mind I am leaving over half of it in the trash when I leave).

I will have to find a Best Buy to get The Simpsons Season 10 DVD box set, because the first five days of sale (released on Tuesday to end-of-week Saturday) is often the cheapest time to buy it.

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