Schmap Guides (you’ve probably never heard of this before)

I received an email a couple of weeks ago about two of my Flickr photos, specifically from my Melbourne trip. Schmap is an online, interactive map and city guide for points of interest, with dozens of categories. The two requested were my photos of the deli/market inside Myer and the exterior of the Immigration Museum.

I’m not that interested in selling my photos, and much more interested in sharing photos and information. This site looks promising and is a fine idea, and they do give credit to the photographers, so it’s cool with me (anyway, Zooomr is working on a way to help digital photographers to sell their work). But of course, if someone wants to buy my photos, I’m all for it.

The Myer photo is placed in the “toy stores” category (huh?) even though the image is of the food market. It is an incredibly popular and very large department store, but I was surprised that they had offered such a complete dining experience. It is completely possible that shoppers could spend an entire day in the many areas of Myer, so providing food is a smart move. I’ve never seen something similar in the US, but then I don’t regularly visit department stores.

The Immigration Museum photo is placed in the “museums” category (hooray for logic). I didn’t visit it while I was there, though I would have if I had more time in Melbourne. I’ve said it before somewhere, but I didn’t have much time to plan the trip, so I missed out on a lot, especially in Melbourne, when I left the day before the Australian Open and the opening of the Kylie Minogue Collection at the Arts Centre.

Here are the relevant Schmap links, including how my photos look on their website maps:

Schmap Guide for Melbourne / Myer photo / Immigration Museum

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