Less than one week, but trouble…

It is now less than a week until I am in Panama, but my schedule for the final five days is already thrown off because of a change in the cruise schedule. As per usual, it affects me in a large way. Months ago, when it was originally planned for Wednesday and Thursday (May 16 and 17) and we were told that all of us would be needed on the cruise, I set up my Panama trip to occur soon afterwards. Since the thesis would be a high priority, I planned for a dentist appointment and a haircut on the Friday before I leave (Friday night, actually).

After being told I would not be needed on the cruise (there was enough personnel), and it would have cost over $100 to change the plane tickets, I offered to stay in the lab to help set up for when the water samples come back, which also would give me more time to work on the thesis. I changed my appointments for earlier in the week (Tuesday and Wednesday) so that I didn’t have to do it all on the same day I leave.

On Wednesday of last week, I am told that everything is moved forward a day, and that I am now needed to go on both days (Tuesday and Wednesday), since it would inconvenience the other people too much to change their schedules. I had to change my appointments again, and the only days left are dentist on Thursday and barber on Friday. My dentist returns to the office on Tuesday, but all time slots were already filled, so I had to take what was left. My barber is only open four days a week (sometimes three): Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and occasionally Saturday. You can see how Friday is the only possible option (Tuesday and Wednesday I am on the boat during working hours, and I’ll be out of the country on Saturday).

Typically, I get a haircut every 6-7 weeks, and it’s coming up on 6 now. Being near the Equator at this time of year would generally indicate warmer temperatures than here in Northern California, so a haircut would be nice. Now, it may not even happen in time, as I could not get a reservation, I just have to show up and hope there is an available space for me.

No requests for a postcard or other souvenir yet.

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