Want a postcard?

In two weeks, I’ll be in Panama for four days. I had scheduled this trip to avoid complications with a research cruise, which now looks as if I am not needed, except as a backup/land support. No problem, as my thesis now requires rewriting, after tossing 1/2 of the data and generating new data. Remember that Paypal button over there on the right? It’s there if you want to donate to a travel fund or request a postcard from my next travel destination. So if you want a postcard from Panama, fire off $1 and I’ll send an email for more information, such as address, content, and postcard image subject genre.

This time, I won’t be staying with family, but in a nice hotel. Last time my mom visited by herself, she stayed in the cheapest hotel (at the recommendation of relatives) and didn’t like it. On a previous trip, she stayed in the Marriott: expensive, but very nice. This time, it will be in a mid-level hotel somewhere downtown (I can’t find any good online street maps of Panama City), but no one can tell us how it is. I’ve been in one of their chain of hotels in Australia and thought it clean and well-appointed. The guide book said it was a luxury hotel, and it was very nice (especially since in the previous city, I was in a hostel with a broken bed), so apparently I got a really good rate. Lesson here is that often times, you get what you pay for.

It looked like we were getting close to the end of the thesis, but now I don’t have a completion date. A thesis defense had been bandied about before the upcoming research cruise, but that is now on hold as well. The summer semester looks like the next best finishing period, but with people on vacation, it may slow down the process of writing and evaluation. You don’t care anyway.

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