I need more room. Zooomr to the rescue!

Today, I was uploading more photos to my free Flickr account, only to find out after uploading twelve photos that I hit the maximum of 200 photos in a free account (and the last six photos won’t show up). It will cost me $24.95 per year to upgrade to a Pro account. Anyone out there think it’s worth it?

I’ve talked about online photo sharing before, and I have many photos in a Snapfish account, but those can’t be viewed by others without an invitation. I use Imageshack and Photobucket for posting images on messageboards, and MySpace and Facebook for other photos (I don’t expect those to be heavily viewed).

Looking for more free (and good) digital photo online storage/sharing sites, I found Zooomr. They are billed as “Flickr on steroids” and also have free and “pro” accounts of similar upload limits. One difference is that Zooomr photos rack up the views, as it is currently a smaller niche community, which means more people will see and appreciate your photos.

My favorite perk is that they give free Pro accounts to bloggers, which I will attempt to acquire today by posting my first uploaded photo from my Zooomr account here. In symbolic fashion, it will be the last viewable photo from my Flickr account (which unfortunately, may stay over there on the right hand side of this blog unless I can do something about it).

This is an order of pad thai from Hanuman’s restaurant in Alice Springs. It is found inside the Crowne Plaza Hotel, where I stayed, and is meant to be a world-famous Thai restaurant, though I had never heard of it before, and it’s unusual that some of the best Thai food in the world can be found in the middle of the Australian Outback. I asked another pair of travelers on my Uluru-in-a-Day tour (from my hotel) about the restaurant and the father (with his son) said that he didn’t come all the way from England to eat Thai food.

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