You know what’s fun?

Finding amusing things in a conceptually humorous sense. The following examples have actually been done by me or a friend.

After watching Super Size Me, a friend and I went to McDonald’s for lunch. I know some people who said they would never eat at McDonald’s again after that film, even though the film was not aimed solely at that franchise, but the premise of convenient fast food as a primary source of nutrition. If your belief system can be swayed by a movie, then I think you already had a flimsy grasp on your principles.

At Six Flags Marine World in Vallejo, California, I could have waited in a 6-minute line for a $5 hot dog, but I opted to wait in a 20-minute line for $8 fish and chips. Come on, serving fish and chips at Marine World? That’s asking for it. I also saw fish and chips on the menu at the Monterey Bay Aquarium cafeteria.

A friend loves the movie Babe, and when he saw it in theaters, he was snacking on a hot dog from the food bar.

That kind of stuff. The kind of stuff you know is humorous, but you have to explain to people and wait for them to think it through.

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