Want to play along?

The next series of 5 Takes is about to begin on the Travel Channel (starts Saturday, October 28 at 10pm ET/PT). This time, five Pacific Rimmers travel to the US, hitting eight cities in ten weeks, still following the protocols of daily blogs, weekly vlogs (video logs), and $50 a day. Go to the official 5 Takes webpage at http://www.5takes.com where you can talk about the show, the TJs, your adventures, general travel stuff, and tell the TJs what to do in each city.

They really follow the message boards for advice on cheap lodging, food, and entertainment. As I write this, they have begun their first week in Las Vegas. The next cities are Anchorage, Washington DC, Orlando/Miami, Memphis, New York, and Austin. The final city is by webpage voting, between San Francisco and Los Angeles. Obviously, I would like them to come to San Francisco, where I would try to meet them. I participated quite a bit last season, and those TJs eventually recognized the same group of names from the message boards and live chats (I even got a shout out during the Hong Kong episode), so I hope to get a chance to meet them this season, if they come to SF.

So I need your help in voting for San Francisco. You don’t even need to register, so please just go here and pick San Francisco for their final destination. I think you can even vote once a day, so stuff them boxes (metaphorically, of course). Their lives are in your hands.

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  2. Leinani75 says:

    Nice blog! I’ll be back to read some more. 🙂

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