A nice article on food blogging

I’ve had a lack of content to provide lately, so I’ll offer you a link from today’s San Francisco Chronicle newspaper Food section about food blogging. Much news was made about the rise of “liveblogging” during the 2004 political conventions, and how it may change old-school journalism.

Food blogging refers to people, usually non-food writers, who write about their food experiences, often supplemented with photographs. This is made easier with all manner of cheap and small digital cameras and camera phones. The article provides opinions and quotes from bloggers and restauranteurs about the practice. Some see it as free advertising if the blog is widely read, some see it as a potential threat to secret recipies or personal privacy.

If you read my entire Seattle trip, you may have noticed I talk about food quite a bit, even including pictures. Food blogging can be fun, and it is often what you remember best: that outdoor patio meal during sunset, that cool bistro you found when escaping from the rain, etc. Most friends will be quickly bored if you show them your vacation photos of buildings and famous landmarks that they can see in magazines and tourist websites, but I’ve noticed more interest in a photo of my chicken sandwich from a roulotte in Moorea than the beaches or clear blue water.

If you get the Chronicle, the article is in today’s (9.27 2006) Food Section F, page F4, called “Smile, you’re on culinary candid camera!” by Jon BonnĂ©.

I have uploaded all my Seattle photos to my Snapfish site, but have not yet captioned them. When that is finished, I’ll remind you to check it out.

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2 Responses to A nice article on food blogging

  1. Bob says:


    I took this GREAT class over the weekend. I think you guys might really enjoy it. Have a look. Here is the link


  2. Scott Gualco says:

    I too enjoy food the most, almost to the point of excess. Nothing hits the spot best like a meal tailored to a specific experience or location.

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