The proliferation of Starbucks

So obviously, I recently visited Seattle, often linked to coffee, which leads people to think of Starbucks. I avoid that place as much as I can, only stepping foot inside one once. Back in 2002, I was about to leave on a research cruise, and the rest of the lab/shipmates went to one in a strip mall for a morning coffee (or whatever you do in there). I went to Jamba Juice nearby and brought my smoothie into Starbucks, otherwise I would be alone, waiting in the parking lot for the rest of them to finish.

This brings me to a small observation: Everywhere I see a Jamba Juice, there is a Starbucks nearby.

I’ve seen over 30 Jamba Juice shops, and there is always a Starbucks within two blocks of the JJ. Since I can’t be everywhere, I need the rest of you to tell me if you ever see a Jamba Juice with no Starbucks in the vicinity.

Fun Fact: Jamba Juice started life as “Juice Club,” an independent business started in San Luis Obispo, California as a senior project of Cal Poly students (I went there). It was later sold and the name changed to Jamba Juice. I have no idea if the company that bought it has ties to Starbucks, but it would not surprise me. The original Juice Club location is currently near two Starbucks: one, a full shop about 30 feet away, the second on the upper floor of a Barnes and Noble Bookstore adjacent to the Jamba Juice.

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