Steve Irwin, thanks for the memories.

I want to take a moment to pay respects to Steve Irwin, Crocodile Hunter. While I wasn’t a big fan of his show, and the movie wasn’t that great, every penny he made went back into his zoo and wildlife conservation. That, I really admire. Whether he played an exaggerated caricature of what the world thinks is a typical “Australian”, or that was his actual self, he brought more awareness to ecological concerns than anyone else I can imagine in recent years (Jacques Cousteau comes to mind as the only comparison). To promote education under the guise of televised entertainment is not an easy task, yet he did so enthusiastically.

The one regret I have from my last visit is that I didn’t visit Irwin’s Australia Zoo in Queensland (he’s the director of the zoo), as I hear that he will meet with everyone if he is available, from elite celebrity to first time visitors. He was fortunate to be doing what he loved at the very end.

Condolences to his family, wife Terri, and young children Bindi Sue and Bob. He will not be forgotten.

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