At last, travel is imminent!

It appears I may get to travel soon. I have a date range, but no final destination. It is between three locations, and I will wait until the last moment to decide. How spontaneous! You won’t know where I am until I post the first travel blog from where I end up (or you can stalk me). So keep reading here.

All that is left is to tell the workmates that I’ll be gone, so that anything happening during my absence that requires my presence can be completed early or moved to post-return, assuming it can wait that long (most things can).

I wonder if I can get my DSLR before the trip, so as to fully test out its features. My current digital camera is nearly five years old, which means the extended warranty I purchased for it will expire soon. I bought it at a chain store that has since left its location, but another store exists in a neighboring county, so it’s not a big hassle. The camera is entitled to an annual cleaning, which I have never requested, as I was told the camera needed to be sent away for up to eight weeks, and I could never be sure I wouldn’t need the camera for any two-month gap. I was right.

If I were to get the new DSLR, I could send the camera off for cleaning to get it into the best shape it could possibly be before I decide on its fate: keep it to use when I don’t want to carry a full DSLR kit, give it to a friend or family member, sell it to a friend or family member, sell it online if I don’t think I’ll need it (in which case the final cleaning may boost its apparent value), or make it a contest prize to readers of this blog.

Granted, I don’t think I have many readers, so it probably won’t end up as a prize.

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