An introduction

Hi, I’m Kevin. I sort of set this up to reserve the name. It’s not a great one, but it gets the point across and may be easier for future readers and fans out there to remember than something that I find clever, witty, and likely obscure (my usual modus operandi).

Its intention is to give me a place to post thoughts, opinions, and well, blogs, about my travels. It was inspired by a Travel Channel program called 5 Takes. Five twenty-somethings get a camera and a notebook computer and sent travelling for 13 weeks. They are responsible for daily blogs and weekly video blogs (vlogs) about what they experience. There was also a normal camera crew to follow them and gather footage for the weekly one hour tv program.

I thought, “That sounds like something I can do.” Granted, I wouldn’t be getting paid to travel (hint sponsors and donations) and try to live on a $50-a-day budget. And I wouldn’t get a camera crew to follow me, at least I don’t plan on that. I have done some travelling in the past, mostly as a kid with the family, so you’re doing family stuff, which is not always fun for the kids. In the last few years, my studies have allowed me to end up in places that I would not have been able to get to at that point in my life (Hawaii, Tahiti, Australia). It’s a Marine Biology degree (more specifically, Biological Oceanography), so research cruises lasting 4-7 weeks end up in distant ports, where we are often free to explore.

Where do I imagine gong next? Hopefully somewhere soon, otherwise I’ll have to fill this blog with tales of my trip to the numerous local taquerias and crazy drivers on the way to the laboratory.

Ever since a research cruise ended up in Hawaii back in 2003, I’ve tried to get to Europe, but as is often the case, finances don’t make it easy. I would want to spend enough time to make sure I don’t miss anything, because who knows how long it would take to get back there. My latest cruise docked in Tahiti in January 2005 (meaning we missed Christmas and New Year’s while on the boat), so I headed over to Moorea for a couple of days, after being allowed to stay on the boat in Papeete for two days, saving some cash (it is a VERY expensive place). I was so close to Australia (well, closer than from home), so I had to use the opportunity to go back.

I was there at the end of 2000 with the family for less than 10 days, so this time I would have three weeks on my own. I had a wonderful time, and I may even try to move there for a while, soon even if possible. That trip ate into my Europe budget, but it was totally worth it.

Now I’m looking into a cross country journey across Canada, using the transcontinental train. It’s cheaper than a plane, and you get to see stuff on the ground. Boring you think? Trees, mountains, and fields have got to be more interesting than looking down on the cloud layer, watching edited movies. So serious am I about this that I have begun pricing transportation and housing costs.

However, that trip, combined with the planned new notebook computer and digital camcorder, will probably push Europe even further down the perpetual calendar, but sometimes, you just have to go.

(At least I’ve held off on a new digital SLR camera for now, it’s always tough to decide on tech. I’m not worried about having to carry it around, I’m used to that, I’m just concerned about theft.)

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